A sentient crown forged from a demon soul


Karrak-dur, the Overmind (Circlet of Mental Onslaught) Your mental attacks strike more true while you wear this slender circlet. A thundering, haughty voice fills your head as you approach this item, calling itself Karrak-dur, the Overmind. Level: 11 Price: 9,000 gp Item Slot: Head

Property: Gain a +1 bonus to Will.

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain a +1 power bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls when making Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma attacks until the end of the encounter. Communication Speech, Telepathy 20 Persona An egomaniacal force, Karrak-dur talks often about his mental prowess and mastery over other, smaller minds. He laments the loss of his body and believes that he could have ruled the world if it weren’t for ill fate. He likes using his skill modifiers to prove the power of his mind. If a check fails, he’s quick to blame anyone else. Alignment Unaligned Languages Common, Deep Speech, Draconic, Elven Skills Karrak-dur grants a +2 bonus to skill checks related to mind flayers.


Originally a Second Circle demon, a component soul of Malfeas, he resided in the demon city as an advisor to the other citizens. Trading solutions for secrets. That was until one of the Unquestionables, a demon of the Third Circle, informed him he would serve as a servant to the Infernal Hayoo “Red Fist”. As a hat. He was dissolved in a vat of vitriol to create a substance called azoth. Which was then forged into Orachalcum creating Demonic Brass. He advised Hayoo in the ways of summoning demons and rendering them into vitriol to produce potent drugs.

When Hayoo was defeated by a band of Sidereals he was claimed as a prize by Esprit. He holds a grudging respect for his new master as they both are creatures of powerful intellect, although he hates his subservient position. He has told the party everything he knows about Infernals and if pressed he will provide the party with some knowledge about the workings of demons.


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